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Tangled Mess

This will mostly be an autobiography. and as I’m not dead yet, it’s obviously a work in progress that will include photos, artwork, poetry and god know what else I may dig up along the way.

The route is tangled and messy and touches on my experiences as a fashion model, portrait artist, equestrian, mule skinner, Disneyland tour guide, sales girl, veterinary technician, muralist, graphic artist, firefighter, EMT, bomb squad/haz mat tech, rock vocalist-bass player, dental technician, bookmobile librarian, Forest Service fisheries tech, mall cop, actual working cowboy, locomotive mechanic, webmaster/boxing analyst, custom wall treatment designer, veterinary technician (again)/ deputy sheriff.  And all the while doing artwork and writing poetry on the side.

I hope you’ll find something interesting in this tangled mess  … though be warned, I don’t  take much of anything too seriously.  And as far as spirituality goes, that’s a subject I believe best kept private.  Seek no enlightenment here!

Also, progress here may be slow as I’m trying to put my brain and body back together again after waking up from a weird illness and 2 month long coma in 2007, more on that later.